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Streamline team communications

Communicate with your entire team using one email address

When you need to share information with your project team, create a Groups email list. After you add your team to the group, you can send updates and resources to everyone at once using one email address.

Learn howGet started with Google Groups



Find and organize important email quickly

Working on multiple projects with different teams? Use stars to mark certain email as important, or let Gmail’s Priority Inbox automatically sort and prioritize your messages for you. Then, set up filters and labels for specific projects so it’s easier to find and reply to email.

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Manage schedules & tasks

Manage project or team schedules

Create shared Calendars to keep everyone up to date: project calendars to track milestones, deadlines, and reminders; team calendars for meetings, trainings, and vacations; and more. When you want to see who's available, just layer different calendars and look for open time slots.

Learn howTips to share calendars



Track, update, and collaborate on project tasks

Create dynamic project plans and Gantt charts in Sheets to manage your projects, assignments, and deadlines. Team members across the globe can update their progress directly in the spreadsheet so it's always up to date.

Learn howGet started with project plans in Sheets

Share files & collaborate on content

Create and collaborate on documents

Create meeting agendas, project proposals, executive reports, and more in Docs. You can edit documents together in real time, chat within files, and get targeted feedback using comments and suggestions. Use the revision history feature to see who made which changes and when, or to revert to earlier versions.

Learn howGet started with Google Docs



Build a project website

Build a Sites project hub to keep updates, timelines, deliverables, calendars, and documents in one place. Now your team has an organized one-stop destination for all important project information that anyone can access anytime, from any device.

Learn howGet started with Google Sites



Securely store and share digital assets

Store your project documents, images, and other files in Drive or a shared drive and share them with your team. Drive's sharing and access controls make working together simple and secure. Any changes you make sync to the cloud where everyone can see up-to-date content.

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Meet & present your work

Create impactful presentations

Create a Slides presentation to share your vision, establish key deliverables, and show your project's impact with graphs and charts. If you work with a distributed team, use built-in screen sharing during a Google Meet video meeting to present to remote team members.

Learn howGet started with Google Slides



Prepare team members for meetings

Let team members preview relevant files before a meeting so everyone comes prepared to contribute ideas. Send a meeting invite in Calendar, and attach documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other discussion items.

Learn howGet started with Calendar



Hold video meetings with your team

Hold Google Meet video meetings with remote team members any time, from any device that supports the requirements for using Meet. Your team can save money and time on travel, but still get all the benefits of face-to-face contact.

Learn howGet started with Google Meet

Use generative AI at work

If your organization supports it, you can use the artificial intelligence add-on, Gemini for Google Workspace. Use Gemini directly in Google Workspace apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Gmail, to help you write, visualize, organize, and connect. You can also use Gemini as a standalone experience at

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