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Hold video meetings with people inside or outside of your organization.

Examples: Video conference with international teams, hold remote interviews, conduct webinars, and more.

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 Quick start guides

Learn how to use Google Meet

Learn how to use Google Meet


View Google Meet in Gmail quick start

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 Get ready to use Meet

Before you start using Google Meet, make sure you have the equipment and access you need.

  Check requirements for Google Meet
  Get Meet: Web (, Android, or iOS
  (Optional) Moving to Google Meet from another meeting solution? Get help switching over.

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  Get Google Meet help and training

Need help? Choose from any of the guides below.

Want a guided training experience? Follow the path below to start with beginners' resources and work your way to more advanced topics.

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 Level 1: Start and join video meetings

Learn these basics to get started with Google Meet.

1.1 Start a video meeting

Learn the different ways to start a video meeting, from Meet or Gmail, on the web and on your phone.

1.2 Join a video meeting

Learn the different ways to join a video meeting, such as from a Calendar invite, meeting link, or conference room.

1.3 Add people to a meeting

Learn the different ways to add people to a video meeting, such as from a Calendar invite, Meet, or a phone.


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 Level 2: Collaborate in video meetings

Now that you know the basics, learn how to improve the way you collaborate with your team in Meet.

2.1 Customize video meetings

2.2 Share resources in a video meeting

2.3 Broadcast video meetings to a larger group


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 Level 3: Learn productivity tips for Meet

These productivity guides can help you combine G Suite products to work faster and better.


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 Settings & troubleshooting

Manage Google Meet settings

Troubleshoot Google Meet


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 More resources

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