Quick Start Guide for medium-size businesses

For: Organizations with 10–300 users

If your medium-size business uses single sign-on (SSO) authentication or advanced mail routing, see instead the Deployment guide for large organizations.

If you have many employees or work with Microsoft Exchange or Outlook, find out how to pilot Gmail with a small set of users. Then set up recommended sharing and security policies, and roll out Google Workspace to your entire organization. 

Before you begin: If you're not using Google Workspace yet: Sign up for a free trial


Access your Admin console

one person business sign inThe Google Admin console is where administrators manage Google services for people in an organization. 

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Run a pilot (optional)

medium size business run a pilotTry Google Workspace with a small number of users to evaluate Gmail, data migration, and mobile access. Piloting doesn't interrupt anyone's current mail service, and everyone keeps using their current email address.

Note that to pilot Gmail, you don't have to change your domain's MX records to point to Google.

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To let a few users evaluate Gmail and other services:

  1. During signup, skip the step to activate Gmail for your domain (you'll do that later).
  2. Run a 5-step pilot


Prepare your communications

medium size business prepare communicationsStart notifying your team about the switch to Google Workspace. Customize our communication templates with your logo and prepare your users for the transition.

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Add remaining users

one person business build teamAfter your pilot (or if you skip the pilot), add accounts for any remaining users. You can add users individually or by uploading a spreadsheet. We also provide tools to synchronize user accounts with Microsoft Active Directory or another LDAP server.

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Set up business email for your domain

one person business verify domainIf you're done with your pilot and haven't yet activated Gmail for your domain, do so now. You need to change your domain’s MX records to direct mail to Google's mail servers. We also recommend you add an SPF record to your domain settings.

Don't worry if you're not sure what MX or SPF records are. Just see below for steps.


Set up your organization's account

one person business manage accountAdd your logo, manage billing and payments, and follow best practices for security and compliance.

Set up

Region specific


Migrate users' mail, calendar, & contacts

""Use our migration tools to import your team’s existing emails, calendar events, and contacts to Google Workspace. You can migrate data directly from Microsoft Exchange, HCL Notes (formerly IBMNotes), or another IMAP server. Or, you can let your team import their data by themselves. 

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Set up & manage mobile devices

""Let your team get email, calendar events, and documents while they’re on the go. Turn on security features and set up your team with Google Workspace for mobile devices.

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Get administrator training & deployment resources

medium size business admin training

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Train your users

one person business get more trainingGet training guides, tips, customer examples, and other resources to help you and your users get started with Gmail, Calendar, shared docs, video meetings, and more.

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