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Drive Enterprise:  Sign up now

To sign up, you need...

  • An email address where you plan to use Drive—This should be an address where you can get mail. During sign-up, we'll email an invitation to your address. To show us you own the address, you need to respond to the email. You need to verify your email address to make sure that no one else can use Drive with your address.
  • Team member addresses at your same domain—After we create your Drive Enterprise account, you can invite other people to use Drive with you. They must have an address at the same domain you signed up with. For example, if you sign up the address , everyone else should have an email address that ends in 

Someone already signed up at my domain

If you sign up and see a message that someone at your organization has already signed up for Drive Enterprise, you can do one of the following:

  • Join the existing Drive Enterprise team—Ask the team admin to invite you to join the team. You'll be able to use Drive storage and Docs editors with other members of the team. For details, see Join your organization on Drive Enterprise
  • Become the Drive Enterprise admin for everyone at your organization—If you're the owner or IT admin for your organization's domain, you can take over management of Drive Enterprise for your whole organization. You'll also unlock more business features.

    For details, see Verify your domain for Drive Enterprise.

My address has other Google services

If your email address is already associated with Google services like YouTube or Google Ads, your account will be converted to a managed Drive Enterprise account: 

  • You'll lose access to a few services that aren't included with Drive Enterprise, such as Calendar and Hangouts. 
  • You'll keep access to dozens of other services, including YouTube, AdWords, and Google Analytics.

Before converting your account, we recommend exporting any data you want to save. You can use Google Takeout.

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