Join your Essentials team

If you received an invitation to join your organization and start using Essentials, you can accept the request or do nothing to decline. To accept the request, click the Join Now link in the email, then follow the steps. 

Why join your team on Essentials?

Essentials provides these key features for improved productivity and collaboration:

  • Secure video meetings from anywhere—Host and join video meetings on your computer or mobile device to stay connected with your team.
  • Easy document creation and sharing—Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms and share them with your coworkers and others outside your organization (if your administrator allows outside sharing).
  • Your files available any time, any place—Get to Drive files from any location on any computer or mobile device.
  • Real-time co-editing—View and add comments to files and easily track changes.
  • Shared drives—Store files in secure, easy-to-manage shared spaces. Any files added to shared drives are owned collectively by the team, so everyone stays up to date.
  • Custom template gallery—You can create or use custom document and presentation templates for your organization (if your administrator enables this feature).

Learn more about these features and more:

What happens when you join

Your administrator manages your Google Meet and Drive experience

Your team administrator can:

  • Manage the video meeting features you can use
  • Set document-sharing policies, such as allowing or preventing you from sharing with others outside the organization
  • Access your files, even if they're not shared with anyone
  • Delete your files or transfer ownership of your files to another user
  • Remove your account from Essentials
You get Meet, Drive, and other services

When you accept the invitation to join Essentials, you’ll create a Google Account (if you don’t already have one). Here’s what you get with your account:

Key Google services

The following key services are available with your account; other services might also be available:

Google service Available?
Drive and Docs
Google Groups
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Google Domains
Google Earth
Google Maps
Google Pay
Google Photos
Google Play
Google Voice
Search and Assistant

Service and feature limitations 

Some other Google features or services might not be available after you join Essentials. For example:

Photos integration with Drive Photos to Drive integration might have limited functionality, depending on your organization's Google Account. 
Project Fi Project Fi might not be available to all accounts. Learn more
If you already have a Google Account

If you join Essentials with an address that already uses Google services, here’s what happens:

Your Drive data becomes managed

Your administrator can access, change ownership of, or delete any Drive data that's in your account (including recorded video meetings) when you join  Essentials.

Some services and data become unavailable

  • You'll lose access to a few services (and their data) that aren't included with Essentials, such as Calendar.
  • You'll keep access to dozens of other services, including YouTube, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

See the list of available services

You can save your data before you join

If you want to continue to manage personal Drive data or data in services that aren't available with Essentials, do one of the following:

You get data back if your account is removed from  Essentials

If your administrator later removes your Google Account from your Essentials organization, you can resume using services such as Calendar. And their data becomes available again (it’s kept with your account). However, if your administrator chooses to keep your Drive data with the organization, you won't be able to access it.

Your administrator can convert your Google Account to managed account

If an administrator unlocks additional business features for Essentials or another Google service (by verifying your organization's domain name), your Google Account will be converted to a managed account.

Before the conversion, you'll receive a notification from Google. You'll then have the opportunity to do one of the following, depending on which administrator converts your account:

  • If your current administrator converts your account, you can either back up or delete personal data, or delete your account if you like.
  • If a new administrator converts your account, you can discuss options for handling your account and data with your administrator.

Learn more about managed accounts.

Problems joining?

If you have a conflicting account

If you create a new Google Account when joining your organization on Essentials, make sure you haven't previously signed up to use Google services with the same business email address. If you have, you'll see this error message: "This email address is already taken."

To use your business email address for  Essentials, you'll need to remove your address from the previously created account by changing your username in 1 of 2 ways.

Once you complete either option and your business email address is no longer associated with a Google Account, you can sign up for Essentials with that address.

If you'd like to move data in between your old Google Account and your new account for Essentials, see Moving product data.

If your invitation has expired
An administrator may decide to cancel your invitation before you've joined the organization. If you still want to join, ask your administrator to send you a new invitation. 
If you receive a notification that you can't join more than one team
You already belong to an Essentials team, and your Google Account can be associated with only one team at time. If you'd like to join another Essentials team, ask your current team administrator to remove your account from the team. Then ask the admin for the team you'd like to join to send you a new invitation.
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