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As an administrator, you can see a list of mobile devices that users have used to sign in to their managed accounts.

You can see details including the device type and model, the last time it synchronized work data, and the name of the user who accesses data on it. From the list, you can block a device from syncing work data, wipe data from a lost device, and more.

Open the mobile devices list

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. Go to Menu and then Devicesand thenOverview.
  3. Click Mobile devices to get a list of your organization's managed devices.

In the mobile devices list, you can do the following:

  • To see more information about a specific device, click the device name.
  • To find specific devices, add a filter.
  • To download your device list, click Download .

What you see in the list

  • User’s personal devices that sync your organization’s data.
  • Company-owned devices that are assigned to users. (To see devices that are not assigned to users, at the bottom of the screen, click View unassigned devices.)
  • Devices that tried to access a user account from your organization but were blocked, either by an admin or automatically, because the device doesn’t adhere to your organization’s policies.
  • Some unmanaged computers that use Google Sync and mobile devices that you previously managed.

Some devices might be listed more than once. For example, if a phone is shared between 2 users, it’s listed twice—once for each user account.

Data about devices
Data Description
Device name Name associated with the user’s device (for example, Andrew’s Pixel).
Name Name of the user who signs in to their managed Google Account on the device.
Email Email address of the user who signs in to their managed Google Account on the device.
OS Device’s operating system, for example, Android 7.1.
Ownership Who the device belongs to.
First sync Number of days since the device first synced work data.
Last sync Number of days since the device last synced with Google endpoint management. This day differs depending on the device type:
  • Android—Last time Android Device Policy synced.
  • Apple iOS—Last time the Device Policy app or profile synced.
  • Devices that sync using Google Sync (Google Workspace only)—Last time device synced with work data. (Includes iOS)
Status Management status of the device. For example, approved, blocked, account erased.
Type Device type. For example, Android, iOS.
Model Device model. For example, Nexus 9. Full details available with advanced mobile device management. If you're using basic mobile device management, some details might not be available.

To sort by a different column, click the column heading. To change the columns you see or to reorder them, click Manage columns .

If you want to see more information about a specific device, click the device name. For details, see View mobile device details.

Note: If you use basic management, it can take up to 3 days for information about new devices to appear.

Find specific mobile devices

You can search for a device from the devices list. In the top right, enter a search term in the search bar and click Search . For example, to search for a specific type of device, enter the model.

To filter the devices list:

  1. At the top of the devices list, click Add a filter.
  2. Select a category to filter the list by (such as Model or Apps) or start typing characters for the filter you want to use (such as a username, device model, or app).
  3. Select an option or enter the filter text.

    Note: If you select Ownershipand thenCompany-owned, you get a list of all devices in device owner mode (a management mode that gives your organization full control of the device). The list includes devices that your company owns and personal devices where the user has assigned ownership to your company. To see only devices your company owns, view your company-owned device inventory.

  4. Click Apply.
  5. (Optional) To see more information about a specific device, click the device. For details, see View mobile device details.
Download a list of devices

You can download a list of your organization’s mobile devices to a CSV file. The list includes all device details, such as the device name, email address of the account on the device, and the date the device last synced.


  • If you have many mobile devices in your organization, downloading data can be slow.
  • If you applied a filter to the list, the download includes only the devices currently in the list. To download a list of all mobile devices, first clear any filters.

To download your device list, open the device list and click Download .

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