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Google Cloud Search makes it easy for your organization to search across G Suite services, such as Drive, Contacts, and Gmail, and third-party data sources. People can quickly find all the information they need at once.

Ready to start using Cloud Search in your organization?

As an administrator...

  1. Turn on Cloud Search
    Control who in your organization can use Cloud Search. Turn it on for everyone or only for specific groups.
  2. Turn on Web History for your users
    Your users can enjoy a customized search experience and more relevant suggestions when you turn on the Web History service in your organization.
  3. Whitelist the mobile app for your users
    If your organization manages mobile devices, you need to whitelist the Cloud Search app so your users can install the app on their work devices.
  4. Set up search for third-party repositories
    Expand the content your organization searches by adding non-G Suite sources, such as Microsoft® SharePoint®. Work with a developer to use Google APIs to integrate your third-party repositories with Cloud Search.
  5. Update your user profiles
    Make it easier for people to find others in Cloud Search and Contacts. When you add rich profile information, people can search by job title, manager, location, and more. They can also access reporting chains. To enable profile results in Cloud Search, sign up here. Learn more about rich profile information.
  6. View usage reports
    Review how your organization is using Cloud Search, including the number of search queries from different types of devices and the number of active users for a specific period.
  7. Support your users
    Get resources for training your team to use Cloud Search.
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