Set up Cloud Search for third-party repositories

This feature is available with Cloud Search Platform. Please contact your Google Account Manager for details on enabling this feature.

People in your organization can search across third-party repositories, such as databases or file systems, with Google Cloud Search. As as administrator, set up the user accounts and licenses. Then work with a developer to integrate your third-party repository with Cloud Search.

Before you begin

  1. Create user accounts
    To sign in and use Cloud Search, a person in your organization needs their own Google Account.
  2. Assign licenses to your users (if needed)
    To search third-party repositories with Cloud Search, a person in your organization needs a Cloud Search Platform license.

    If Cloud Search Platform is your organization's only Google service with user-based licensing, then everyone in your organization has a license by default. You don't need to assign licenses. Learn more about how licensing works.

Basic setup

  1. Work with a developer to choose a connector
    connector uses Google APIs to integrate the data in your third-party repository with Cloud Search. Learn about connectors and available solutions at the Cloud Search developers' website.
  2. Add a data source to search
    To store the index for a third-party repository, add a data source in Cloud Search.
  3. Map user identities
    To map third-party usernames to Google Accounts, create an identity source.
  4. Create a custom search experience

    To tailor the search experience for the business needs of your organization, create custom search applications.