Manage your organization's YouTube settings

This article is for YouTube settings in G Suite.  

As a G Suite administrator, you can help restrict which YouTube videos are viewable by signed-in G Suite users in your organization and on your network using YouTube’s Restricted Mode settings. The settings help restrict which videos are available to your users.

Note: No algorithm is perfect. If you see content you find to be inappropriate, please flag it. When something is flagged, it is not automatically taken down. It’s reviewed in line with the YouTube Community Guidelines.

This article outlines how to apply restrictions to signed-in users. To also apply restrictions to signed-out users, follow the instructions in Restrict YouTube content on your network or managed devices to update your network configuration. YouTube Restricted Mode is an optional setting that filters out potentially mature videos while leaving a large number of videos still available.

To add additional content, G Suite administrators can designate approvers (“Can approve videos”). Approvers can search for and approve additional videos to make them viewable by signed-in users in your organization. See Approve YouTube videos and channels.

When any version of Restricted Mode is enabled, users can’t see comments on the videos they watch.

Restriction levels

In the Admin console, at Permissions, there are 4 settings:

  • Strict Restricted YouTube access—This setting is the most restrictive. Strict Restricted Mode does not block all videos, but works as a filter to screen out many videos based on an automated system, while leaving some videos still available for viewing. This setting is enabled by default when you choose the option “restrict content for logged-in users in your organization”.
  • Moderate Restricted YouTube access—This is similar to Strict Restricted Mode but makes a much larger collection of videos available.
  • Unrestricted YouTube access—This means both Restricted Modes—Strict and Moderate—are off. Only apply this setting if you want to allow users in your organization to have unrestricted YouTube access.

    Note: Users with this setting enabled can browse all of YouTube when signed-in even if you’ve also set network-level restrictions.

  • Can approve videos—This setting allows you to designate individuals or organizational units to approve additional videos so that signed-in users in their organization can watch them. Individuals who manually approve videos and channels should share those via links, since they won't appear in YouTube search results, homepages, or recommendations. For details, see adding YouTube video and channel approvers.

Apply different settings for different people or groups

To apply different settings to a group of users or Chrome devices, place them in their own organizational unit. You can then apply settings, including YouTube Restricted Mode—Strict or Moderate—to just that group. Learn more about the organizational structure.

Do restrictions also apply to recommendations, related videos, and search?

Yes, all recommended and related videos and videos available in search are also restricted.

What happens if a user on a restricted network tries to watch a video that's not approved for viewing?
  • If the G Suite administrator hasn't given unrestricted YouTube access to a user, a message appears, indicating that the video isn't available.
  • If a user has unrestricted access and is signed in to their G Suite account, they can view all videos on YouTube.
  • If a user is an approver and is signed in to their G Suite account, the option to approve the video displays below the video player.
  • If a user doesn't have unrestricted access or approval permissions, they can't view or approve a video. They'll need to contact the G Suite domain administrator to approve the video or be added as a video approver.  

See Add YouTube video and channel approvers and Give unrestricted YouTube access.

What if there’s a difference between YouTube settings configured in the Admin Console and settings configured for your network or device?

For signed-in users, the Admin Console settings take precedence over network or device settings. For example, if a user is on a network with Strict Restricted YouTube access but their organizational unit has Moderate Restricted YouTube access, then the user will get Moderate Restricted YouTube access.

Set restricted mode

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Apps and then Additional Google services and then YouTube.
  3. Click Content Settings.
  4. Check Signed in users in your organization can only watch restricted and approved videos.
  5. (Optional) To review videos your organization has approved, click See approved videos.
  6. (Optional) If you want to allow verified Classroom teachers to approve YouTube videos, check Verified Google Classroom teachers can approve videos.
  7. Click YouTube Permissions settings.
  8. Click a permission level to select it.
  9. (Optional) Set permission levels by organization.
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