Flagging content

Users upload over 72 hours of video to YouTube every minute. With so much content on the site, it would be impossible to review it all. That’s why we rely on YouTube community members to flag content that they find inappropriate.

YouTube staff review flagged videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and videos that violate our Community Guidelines are removed from YouTube. Videos that may not be appropriate for all younger audiences are age-restricted.

Flagged videos are not automatically taken down by the flagging system. If a video doesn't violate our guidelines, no amount of flagging will change that, and the video will stay on the site.

How to flag a video:

  1. Below the video player, click on the "Flag" button
  2. Click on the reason for flagging that best fits the violation within the video.
  3. Provide any additional details that may help the review team make their decision.
Flag a video

Flagging videos is anonymous - Users cannot tell who flagged a video. However, we do require you to be logged in to use our flagging tools.

Flag a comment as spam

The "Flag as spam" link allows the community to control the number of spam comments left on videos they upload or watch. If enough users mark a comment as spam, it becomes hidden under a "Marked as Spam" link. By clicking the "Show link", you can see the comment again.

Flag for spam

Please use the "Mark as Spam" feature with extreme caution, as those who misuse it may be prohibited from using the site. The video's uploader has the ability to "unmark" a comment as spam.

If you believe a comment you made wasn't spam but has been marked as such, you may want to contact the uploader about the issue.

Flag a channel

You may report users, inappropriate background images or profile avatars through the reporting flow located on the bottom of every channel.

How to flag a channel:

  1. Visit the channel page you wish to report
  2. Click "About"
  3. Click the Flag drop down button 
  4. Select the option that best suits your issue