Get started with Drive for G Suite

Are you a G Suite administrator who's ready to start using Google Drive with your organization? To get started, see steps below or follow our easy Quick Start Guide.

As a G Suite administrator...

  1. Create user accounts
    Each person in your organization who will be using Drive needs their own G Suite account to sign in to.
  2. Set up document sharing and visibility
    Make settings to control how documents are shared by default or whether users can share documents outside of your organization.
  3. Install the Drive client on devices
    Install the Drive client on each user's computer and mobile device, where they want to use Drive.
  4. Turn on features for users
    Set up offline access to Google Docs editors and Drive templates.
  5. Store files in your Drive
    Upload your team's files to the central Drive storage area.
  6. Support your users
    Get user guides, videos, and other resources for training your organization to use Drive and the Google Docs editors.
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