Get started: Drive setup guide for admins

Set up Drive for your team

After you sign up for Google Workspace, you and your team can use Google Drive as a single place to store, access, and share files. Here's how to get started.

Recommended setup steps

Before you begin: Each person who will be using Drive with your organization needs an account to sign in to. If you haven't already added users to your Admin console, do that first. See Options for adding users.

  1. Upload your files to Drive
  2. Set Drive users' sharing permissions
  3. Stream (or sync) Drive files to users' computers
  4. Install mobile apps for Drive and Docs editors
  5. Set up offline access to Docs editors
  6. Turn Docs creation on or off 
  7. Create custom Drive templates
  8. Announce Drive to new users (sample email)
  9. Train your Drive users

Get started with our Drive and Meet package

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