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Change your legal entity

Applies to editions of Google Workspace and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

Applies only for customers with invoiced billing accounts.

When you set up a Google billing account, you provide a business name, address, and tax status that becomes the legal entity for your account. If you have an invoiced billing account or reseller account and need to change any of this information, you'll need to set up a new account. You might need to change your legal entity after a merger, take-over, liquidation, or bankruptcy.

Options for changing legal entity information

For technical and legal reasons, you can't change the legal entity information for an existing invoiced billing or reseller account. Instead, you must set up a new account. See below for options or possible alternatives.

Transfer your account to a reseller

If it's not enough to update the business information that appears on your invoices, the best way to update your legal entity is to transfer your Google subscription to a Google partner. The partner can then set up a new billing account for you using your new legal entity information.

When you transfer a Google Workspace subscription to a partner, you don’t lose any of your users’ email, Vault, or Google Drive data.

Cancel and re-create your subscription

If none of the above options works, you'll need to cancel your Google subscription and sign up for service again, to change your legal entity:

  1. Cancel your Google Workspace or Cloud Identity Premium subscription.

    If you have Cloud Identity Premium plus one of the other services, follow the instructions for Google Workspace.

    Canceling your Google Workspace subscription will result in loss of your email, Vault, and Drive data.
  2. If you maintain a subscription for your domain registration through Google, transfer your domain registration to a new domain host.
  3. Sign up for Google Workspace or Cloud Identity Premium again.
  4. Set up a new Google Workspace, Essentials, or Cloud Identity Premium billing account using your new legal entity information.
Recertify your reseller status (reseller account, only)

If you're a Google reseller, you can change the legal entity associated with your reseller account by signing up for a new reseller account and getting re-certified as a reseller. We require that you do this to maintain the high quality of the Reseller program. It also gives you a chance to refresh your knowledge of the Reseller console:

  1. Sign up for a new reseller account and complete the credit check process.
  2. To speed up your signup process, contact us and we might be able to help you skip the 100–seat deployment stage.
  3. After we award your reseller status, transfer resold domains from your existing reseller domain to your new domain.


What is a legal entity?

The legal entity associated with an account is legal data stored with Google about your account. This is the information you supplied when setting up your Google billing account.

What information do we use to define a legal entity?

The business name, business address, and any Value Added Tax (VAT) details you supplied when setting up your Google billing account.

Can you update my past invoices?

No. If you make any change to the business name, address, or VAT details that appear on your Google billing invoices, we can't re-issue past invoices with the updated information.

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