Purchase a domain from a Google partner

If you want to use Google services with your organization but you don't yet have a domain name, we can help you purchase one. While signing up for a Google for Work product, just select the option to Buy a new domain. We'll help you purchase an available domain from one of our domain host partners (available in US English, only). We'll then set up your Google services for that domain.

Purchasing a domain through Google from a Google partner makes it easier to get started with some Google services. But it has no impact on your position in Google search results.
About our domain host partners

Google itself doesn't register or host domain names. But we've partnered with companies including GoDaddy.com and eNom.com who offer domain registration and hosting to our customers.

When you purchase a domain through Google during sign-up, you get an account—outside of Google—with one of these partners. Here, they host your domain’s DNS records, which are used to do things like set up mail for your users and create your business web addresses.

As long as you use your domain with Google services, however, you don’t have to visit this external account. We configure your domain’s DNS records so you can set up email, web addresses, and other services without leaving your Google Admin console.

Benefits of purchasing from a partner

When you purchase a domain name through one of our partners, you get:

  • Easy mail setup
    We edit your domain's MX records to point to Google’s mail servers. Just turn on Gmail in your Admin console and users start receiving mail at your domain’s Gmail accounts.
  • Custom service addresses
    We edit your domain's CNAME records so users can reach your services at easy-to-remember addresses, such as mail.yourdomain.com or calendar.yourdomain.com.
  • Auto-renewal from your Admin console
    You initially purchase your domain for a year. After that, you must renew your subscription with your domain host. You can renew your subscription automatically from your Google Admin console. 
  • Full DNS control and domain management
    Even though we set up your domain for Google services, you still have full control over your domain’s DNS settings. You can access these settings to add support for non-Google services or to contact your domain host. You can easily reach your external domain host account via your Google Admin console. 
  • Domain locking at no extra charge
    Our partners provide an additional level of security to protect against unauthorized domain transfers.
To purchase your new domain
  1. Click the button below and follow instructions that appear to enter information about you and your business.

    Sign up for Google Apps

  2. When asked to provide a domain name, select the option to Buy a new domain. Enter the name you'd like to register and select the appropriate top-level domain (.com, .edu, and so on).
  3. Click Check availability.

    Google checks whether the selected domain name is available. If someone else has already registered the name, try another name. Keep trying names until one becomes available. Then complete the remaining fields to create your Google account.

    Choose your name carefully as it's not easy to change your primary domain name later. If yourchoice.com isn't available, you might try yourchoice.net. For details, see Choosing your primary domain name.

After purchasing your domain:

All sales are final.