Get started: Drive setup guide for admins

Install mobile apps for Drive and Docs editors

To work with files from your Android or iOS device, download mobile apps for Google Drive and the Docs editors.

Use the Drive mobile app to find and open files, share them, or do anything else you can do with Google Drive on a computer. Use the mobile Docs editors to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Each user who wants to work from their mobile device should download their own apps.

Android mobile apps

Download mobile apps for Android from the Google Play store.

Mobile app  
Google Drive Download | Get help
Google Docs Download | Get help
Google Sheets Download | Get help
Google Slides Download | Get help
Google My Maps Download | Get help

iOS mobile apps

Download iOS mobile apps from the App store.

Mobile app  
Drive for iOS Download | Get help
Docs for iOS Download | Get help
Sheets for iOS Download | Get help
Slides for iOS Download | Get help

If you use Mobile Device Management

If your organization uses 3rd-party Mobile Device Management (MDM), update your application whitelists to ensure that the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps are allowed in your organization. Check with your MDM provider to learn how.

If you don't allow the apps for your organization, your users can still upload and download files using Google Drive. But they can't edit documents, spreadsheets, or slides.

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