Troubleshoot issues with messages

G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Here's how to troubleshoot problems you might have with message content in G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO). 

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Issues with messages

Get MIME conversion error after message fails to send

The following error message indicates that GSSMO's message-conversion process might be corrupted and needs to be repaired:

This email message was not sent because we were unable to convert the message into Internet format (MIME). Removing attachments or removing forwarded text from the message may enable you to send the message.

To fix this issue:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. If the problem persists, reinstall GSSMO and Outlook.

You won't lose any of your mail, contacts, calendar events, notes, or tasks. However, you will have to set up your Outlook options again.

How do I reinstall GSSMO and Outlook?

Important: Before completing these steps, make sure you have access to your Outlook installation disk or files.

  1. Go to the Program management section of your Windows Control Panel (called Programs and Features in Windows 7, for example) and uninstall GSSMO just like you'd uninstall any other program.
  2. From the same place in your Windows Control Panel, uninstall Outlook.
  3. Reinstall Outlook from the disk or installation files.
  4. Recreate your GSSMO profile in Outlook and synchronize with your Google Account. For details, see Download and install GSSMO.

    Important: When you recreate your profile, don't import data from your old Outlook profile. Your data is already in your Google Account.

  5. Restart your computer.
Large messages time out over slow connection

If you send a message with a large attachment over a slow connection, the connection can time out, leaving the message unsent in your Outbox. To troubleshoot this issue, see Sending large messages over a slow connection.

Text files corrupted when emailed to own email account or non-G Suite user

If you attach and email a text file and send it to yourself or to a non-G Suite user within Outlook, the attachment might be corrupted in the received message.

To avoid this issue, add the attachment to Google Drive instead of emailing a file to yourself. Or, you can send an attachment to yourself from the Gmail web interface.

Bullet points not correctly rendered when using Outlook with GSSMO

If you send an email message with bullet and sub-bullet points through Outlook by GSSMO, the bullet structure might be corrupted in the received message. 

To report this issue, we recommend that you contact Microsoft support.

Add an Exchange account to profile and get errors

Although it's possible to add an Exchange account to your profile in GSSMO, we don't recommend it. Using Exchange and GSSMO in the same profile can cause sending errors and other problems.

Are there known data migration issues?

To find out, see Known Issues and look under Data migration and Device syncing.

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