Options for adding Drive storage

By default, each user with a Google Apps for Work account has 30 GB of storage available for uploaded Google Drive files, Gmail, and Google Photos. Users with the free edition of Google Apps (or personal Google Accounts) get 15 GB of storage. 

Options for adding storage

If users need additional storage space, there are three options to increase their quota:

How storage licenses work

A user can have only one storage license of each type (administrator managed and individual storage). To change the amount of storage space for a user, remove the user's current license and assign a larger or smaller license. Storage licenses do not apply if you have unlimited storage with Google Apps Unlimited or Google Apps for Education.

See a user's current storage

The total space available to a user is the sum of the Google Drive storage licenses assigned to the user and any individual storage the user purchases. To see how much storage space is available to a user and how much space has been used:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Find the information in the Drive Usage and Total Storage columns of the user list.
    If you don't see these columns, click Settings in the upper corner and choose Select columns to add them.
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