Requesting a refund of remaining balance

Refunds are only issued in limited circumstances. If you've made a manual overpayment, you should contact us before you cancel your account for the remaining amount to be refunded to you.

Based on how you've made your manual payment, here's what you can expect:

Credit card or direct debit
If this is how you paid, we'll initiate a refund to the credit card or bank account that you originally used to make the payment. It can take up to four weeks for your bank or credit card company to credit the refund to your account, depending on their processes.

Funds transfer
If this is how you paid, you'll need to provide your bank account details so that we can process your refund. That's because Google doesn't collect these when a funds transfer is processed. When you contact us, you'll be given the appropriate fax numbers for our payment processor. Once you send your bank details to this number, your refund will be processed within four weeks.