Request a refund of remaining credit

Applies to G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

If you expect to have credit in your Google billing account after canceling all your subscriptions, request a refund in advance. You might have a remaining credit if you make a manual payment for your service and cancel all your subscriptions within the same billing cycle. If you plan to continue any subscriptions, leave the credit in your account for us to apply to your next automatic payment.

Note: We prorate billing for your account, refunding any unused credit.

Before you begin

To open a support ticket and request a refund of your expected credit, contact G Suite support.

Cancel and get a refund

If you only have one G Suite or domain-verified Drive Enterprise subscription, canceling your subscription deletes your Google Account. If you have multiple subscriptions, you delete your Google Account manually—but wait until after your refund.

  1. Follow the steps to cancel:
    • One subscription
    • Multiple subscriptions
      • One is G Suite or domain-verified Drive Enterprise. Learn more
      • None are G Suite or domain-verified Drive Enterprise, one is Cloud Identity Premium. Learn more
  2. Wait until the next billing cycle to see how much credit remains in your account after your last charge.
  3. If you still have credit, contact G Suite support on the support ticket you opened.
    If you used:
    • Credit card or direct debit—We'll initiate a refund to the card or bank account to that you made your last payment with. It can take up to 4 weeks for your bank or credit card company to process the refund.
    • Funds transfer—Give us your bank account details for us to process your refund. (Google doesn't save bank information when processing a funds transfer.) When you contact us, we'll give you the fax numbers for our payment processor. You’ll see your refund within 4 weeks.

Next step

If you still have a Google Account, follow the steps to delete it:

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