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Google Workspace for Education storage

3. Free up or get more storage for your institution

The new storage policy for Google Workspace for Education editions provides a baseline of 100 TB of pooled storage and options for increasing storage. Learn how to free up and get more storage.

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Free up storage for your school or institution

To free up space in your own Google Account, go here instead.

  • Delete old accounts, shared drives, and duplicated content—Purging unnecessary user accounts or shared drives can help free up storage. Remove content such as remnant files left over from copying them to shared drives or Google Cloud Storage.
  • Find and message high-storage users–You can find your top storage users with the storage management tool. Email them and ask them to delete large files and emails they don’t need to store in Google Workspace. For a sample email, see Free up or get more storage for your organization.
  • Evaluate alumni account practices—By removing inactive alumni accounts, you might free up a significant portion of your shared storage pool
  • Use Google Cloud Storage—Evaluate your practices and policies around using Google Drive as long-term storage and consider using Google Cloud Storage instead. For more details on Google Cloud Storage and migration tools from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage, contact your account representative. Learn more about Google Cloud Storage
  • Review data retention policies—Work with your institution's policy makers to review your data retention policies, such as when data that no longer serves its purpose should be deleted. In Google Vault, update your retention rules as necessary to reduce overall storage usage. Learn how retention works

See also the Google for Education Storage Guide.

Get more storage for your school or institution

To get storage for your personal Google Account, go here instead.

To get more storage added to your institution's shared pool, you have 2 options:

  1. You can purchase Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Upgrade licenses.
    • For each Teaching and Learning Upgrade license, you get 100 GB added to your shared pool, with no cap. Note: If you purchase the licenses through your Admin console or a reseller on a flexible plan, to make the storage available to your organization you must assign the licenses to users.
    • For each Education Plus license, you get 20 GB added to your shared pool.
  2. Workspace Additional Storage, designed for Education Plus customers with unique storage needs, lets you add to your pool of storage in 10TB increments. For details, see Buy more Google Workspace storage for your organization. To learn more, contact your Google Workspace for Education partner reseller or a Google for Education representative.

Compare Google Workspace for Education editions and learn about storage availability by license.

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