Use the G Suite setup wizard

You can set up G Suite for your organization quickly and easily with the G Suite setup wizard. After you sign up for your G Suite account, you can access the setup wizard in your Google Admin console. The setup wizard is ideal for configuring G Suite for small and medium businesses, and for running a G Suite pilot with a few users.-

What you'll do in the wizard

  1. Access the wizard: Sign in to the Admin console. Click the More icon at the top right and choose Setup.
  2. Verify your domain. If you haven't done so already, the wizard will ask you to prove you own your domain, which is required to begin using G Suite with your domain.
  3. Create user accounts. Next, you'll step through moving your users to G Suite. You can move all your users now. Or move just a few users who want to test our services.
  4. Set up Gmail and other services. Once you've added users, you can step through activating their Gmail accounts and setting up their core services, like Google Calendar, Drive, and Sites.
  5. Migrate mail, use mobile devices, and more. Throughout setup, the wizard lets you tailor configuration for your organization, asking whether you want to migrate old mail, set up G Suite on mobile devices, and much more!

    Sign in to the Admin console and click the More icon at the top to get started now.


Your timeline for deployment

With our setup wizard, your G Suite deployment is quick and easy. In fact, most businesses with up to 50 users can deploy G Suite in less than an hour. However, depending on your organization's size, complexity, and business needs, you may want to first pilot G Suite with a few users and train your users before switching over to G Suite. The setup wizard will guide you through these different scenarios.

If you need help

During your free trial, and as a G Suite customer, you'll have access to our support team for help with setup. G Suite partners are also available to help with data migration, training, and integrating G Suite into your IT system.

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