Troubleshoot problems receiving emails in Gmail

Tips to troubleshoot missing messages in Google Workspace

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This article is for Google Workspace administrators, and has tips for troubleshooting when people in your organization aren’t getting expected Gmail messages. If you have a personal Gmail account and need help with finding missing messages, go to Gmail messages are missing.

If your organization isn’t getting email messages, it’s often an issue with your domain settings, such as MX records. Follow the steps in this article to find missing Gmail messages.

"Check MX records"

Step 1: Make sure MX records are set up correctly

Mail Exchange (MX) records direct your domain's email to the servers hosting the domain's user accounts. Your MX records must point to Google mail servers before you can send and receive email with Google Workspace and Gmail.

Before you troubleshoot missing messages in Gmail, make sure you’ve correctly set up MX records for Google Workspace email.

"Find messages with ELS"

Step 2: Find messages with Email Log Search

Use Email Log Search (ELS) to find specific messages sent to people in your organization in the past 30 days. ELS helps you find missing messages that you were expecting, for example, messages sent to spam or routed incorrectly. Learn more about ELS.

Before you troubleshoot missing messages in Gmail, try tracking message delivery with ELS.

"Troubleshoot missing messages"

Step 3: Troubleshoot missing messages

If your Email Log Search (ELS) results are empty, or you can't find missing messages with ELS, follow the troubleshooting steps in these articles:

Google account or domain account issues

These issues with your Google or domain account can prevent you from getting messages:

Gmail delivery issues

Depending on your Gmail settings, messages might not be delivered as expected, or might be incorrectly marked as spam.

Missing attachments

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