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We offer several options for amplifying your video and music experience on YouTube. Check them out below.
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YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music Premium is a paid music membership for YouTube Music users. It's available in many countries/regions.

YouTube Music Premium benefits

With YouTube Music Premium, you can:
  • Enjoy millions of songs and videos in YouTube Music without ads.
  • Download songs and videos to your mobile device for offline listening.
  • Keep your music playing while you use other apps, using background play.
  • Listen to music on your Google Home or Chromecast Audio.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid membership to help you elevate your experience on YouTube and other YouTube apps. It's available in many countries/regions.

YouTube Premium benefits

With YouTube Premium, you can:
  • Watch millions of videos on YouTube without ads.
  • Download videos and playlists on your mobile device to watch offline.
  • Continue playing videos on your mobile device while using other apps or when your screen is off.
  • Access all YouTube Original series and movies.
  • Get a free subscription to YouTube Music Premium.
  • Enjoy your music on your Google Home or Chromecast Audio.

Your YouTube Premium benefits will apply across YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music.

Start your paid membership

How to get YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Premium

Become a YouTube Premium member to access benefits on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids.

  1. Visit your computer or mobile web browser.
  2. Sign in to the Google account you'd like to start your membership on. 
  3. Start your free trial (if you're eligible). 
  4. Select the payment method you wish to use or add a new payment method.
  5. Click Buy to complete the transaction. 

Visit at any time to view details about your membership, including the date and amount of your next payment.

YouTube Music Premium

Become a YouTube Music Premium member to enjoy millions of songs and music videos without ads, download your favorite songs and videos for offline listening, and more.

  1. Visit
  2. Start your free trial (if you're eligible). 

Looking for information about YouTube TV? Check out the YouTube TV Help Center for details about a membership, available locations, and more.
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