Parental controls and settings

You can access parental controls and other settings at any time by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Lock icon  in the bottom corner of any page in the app.
  2. Read and enter the numbers that appear or enter your custom passcode.
  3. Select Settings .

Your kid can also control some settings. Learn more.

Block content

In some countries, you can customise content that you see in the YouTube Kids app by signing in to the app and blocking videos or channels that you don't want your child to watch. Learn more.
Audio settings

Based on your settings, you may hear background music and sound effects as you navigate through the app. 

To turn off both audio features, toggle Background Music and Sound Effects options to off in Settings

Limit access to approved content only

You can limit the content available in the YT Kids app to videos from channel collections by our partners or YouTube Kids. When you enable this feature, your child will only be able to access the channels in collections that you have selected. You can select one or more of these collections.
You'll need to set up a profile for your child and then follow these steps:
  1. Tap the Lock icon  in the bottom corner of any page in the app.
  2. Read and enter the numbers that appear or enter your custom passcode.
  3. Select Settings  .
  4. Select your child's profile and enter your parent account password.
  5. Tap the 'Approved content only' setting to enable.
  6. Tap Select collections.
  7. Check the box next to the collections that you'd like to make available to your child.
  8. Tap the back arrow to save your settings and exit.
Note: You can edit the list of collections that you've approved at any time by tapping Manage under the 'Approved content only' setting.
To disable, visit the 'Approved content only' setting and toggle the switch to turn off.
Turning search off

You can restrict your child's experience to a more limited set of videos by turning search off.

With Search off, your child can't search for videos, and your child is limited to watching videos from a set of channels that have been verified by YouTube Kids. 

With Search on, your child can search for new videos that interest them from the millions available in the YouTube Kids app. 

NotePlease keep in mind that there is always a chance your child may come across something you don't want them to watch. You can flag this content for our quick review. 

To turn Search off, toggle Search to off in Settings

If you turn Search off, the watch and search history in your app will be cleared. This will reset Recommended videos and Watch it again. Learn more about Search in YouTube Kids.

Clear watch and search history

To clear watch and search history, and reset videos on Recommended and Watch it again

  1. Tap Clear history.
  2. Select OK to save changes.
Pause watch and search history

When you turn on Pause history, the YouTube Kids app will stop using videos that you watch or terms that you search as signals for Recommended videos and Watch it again. To turn Pause history on, move the toggle next to Pause history in Parental settings to on. 

  1. Go to Parental settings.
  2. Select Pause history to toggle history on and off. 
YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium Membership

Check the details of the YouTube Premium membership linked to the YouTube Kids app on this device. You can also remove YouTube Premium from the Kids app from this page by tapping the Remove from app button. This will also delete all downloaded YouTube videos on your device.

Note: Removing your YouTube Premium account from the Kids app will not remove the account from the device (you may be signed in to other Google apps on this device).

Background and downloads

Tap Background play to configure the YouTube Kids app to play videos while using other apps or when your screen is off.

Enable downloads to save a list of up to 24 videos per profile so that you can watch when you aren't connected to the Internet. Downloaded videos are selected by the app from recommended videos (based on your use history) or, if we don't have enough information, by what's popular on YouTube Kids. Downloaded videos are updated automatically every 24 hours. The Download over Wi-Fi only setting lets you conserve mobile data by preventing the app from downloading new videos offline while you’re connected to mobile data.

Adjust the storage limit and set the quality used for downloads. In general, lower quality videos take up less space on your device but may not play back as clearly.

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