Recommended videos on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids gets better with every video watched. Once your child has watched a few videos, YouTube Kids may recommend videos in the home screen and show the Recommended tab .

  • Recommended videos include videos based on your child's watch history and searches. They are drawn from all the videos accessible in YouTube Kids and selected by our algorithm without human review.
  • If your child's profile is set to Approved content only, Recommended videos are drawn from content you’ve approved for your child.
  • Recommended videos are also based on the content setting you selected for your child. If Younger is selected, Recommended videos are drawn from videos available in Younger content setting only. If the Older content setting is selected, Recommended videos are drawn from videos available in the Older content setting. This includes all Younger content videos.
  • You can reset Recommended videos by clearing history in YouTube Kid's parental settings or Parent settings on YouTube. If you pause search history or watch history, YouTube Kids won't use the videos you watch or your searches to recommend videos while history is paused.
  • YouTube Kids will automatically reset Recommended videos by clearing history every time you turn off Search. With Search off, Recommended videos will be based only on the videos watched since the time Search was turned off. Whether Search is on or off, Recommended videos are selected from the broad set of videos in YouTube Kids.

We’ve taken several precautions to make sure families can find videos that are appropriate for younger audiences in YouTube Kids. We screen Recommended content using a mix of algorithms and user input. We also continuously make improvements based on new technology, research, and user feedback. YouTube handles tremendous breadth, depth, and scale of content. So while we work hard to get it right, sometimes your child may find content you may not want them to watch. If this happens, you can block the video or channel or report the video.

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