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The info below is about the YouTube Studio mobile app. Learn more about viewing YouTube Analytics on your computer.

You can see analytics cards in the YouTube Studio app.

Types of data you'll see

On the cards, you'll see data displayed depending on its type. For example: 

  • Direct comparisons, such as a comparison of two timeframes.

  • Metric summaries, such as views or watch time for the last 28 days. Trend indicators compare the value to the previous time period.

  • Tables or bar graphs that show detailed breakdowns of the data.


When available, data is accurate up to midnight yesterday (PST). If not, you’ll see a note on each card telling you the data has a delay. Tap any card to see a screen with more details and options.

On some detail screens, you can see more info for specific videos or playlists by tapping the info icon . For videos, you can then see more detailed analytics by tapping View more in the Analytics section.

Note: If you don't own the videos or playlists, you'll see the play icon , which will open them in the YouTube app instead.

Change the time period

The default time period for most cards is the last 28 days. Trend indicators compare the selected time period to the previous time period.

You can change the time period by tapping on a card and choosing from various time periods.

Need more in-depth analytics?

Be sure to monitor the performance of your channel and videos using YouTube Analytics on a computer. These interactive reports give a ton of data about your channel through various reports.


Revenue tab: If your channel isn't currently connected to an AdSense account, you won't see a Revenue tab in your app. Learn more about connecting your channel with Adsense.

Real-time views: YouTube real-time data aims to give early estimates of potential activity on your videos. We take great care to ensure the highest quality metrics. However, the actual numbers you see on the watch page or in other YouTube Analytics reports might be higher or lower than this estimate. On the channel level, real-time data shows for the last 5 videos published in the last 48 hours. For videos not in the list, you can see real-time data by looking at data for the individual video.



  • Estimated revenue may differ from finalized payments due to various adjustments and do not include partner-sold and partner-served advertising revenue.
  • Earnings data typically displays 24-48 hours after the end of the day, Pacific Time. Sometimes it might take a couple of days longer to appear, in this case, please check back again later.
  • Finalized revenue can be found in the downloadable monthly reports approximately 10 days after month's end and are visible on the AdSense payment page within 15 days after a month’s end.
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