Learn why comments are turned off

Comments may be turned off across YouTube because:

Note: We know that comments are important to creators and viewers alike, but we also take the safety of minors and other vulnerable groups seriously. Sometimes we may turn off comments on content, even if that content doesn't violate our guidelines. We do this to protect vulnerable creators or audiences. 

How to post and engage with comments on YouTube

Paused comments

You may also see that comments are paused on a video, rather than turned off. Creators may choose to pause comments for various reasons. For example, they might want more time to review a sudden increase in comments on a video. 

When comments are paused, you can’t write any new ones, but existing comments will remain. Comment authors can still delete their prior comments when comments are paused. Channel owners and moderators can also continue to delete and report existing comments.

A creator may choose to unpause comments later on.

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