What is a manual claim?

We're currently rolling out two changes to the video copyright details page:

  1. Page design: We've updated the layout of the page. If you're looking for the claimant name and claim policy details, hover over the 'Impact on the video' row.
  2. Copyright tab: On a video's Details page, we added a new Copyright tab so that you can easily access copyright info from any video's Details page.

Keep in mind that the available info and options for responding to claims haven't changed.

A video can get a manual claim when a copyright owner uses the manual claiming tool to identify their content on YouTube that has been used without their permission.

What to know about manual claims

  • Manual claims are different from automated Content ID claims. Content ID claims are automatically generated when an uploaded video matches another video (or segment of a video) in YouTube's Content ID system.
  • The manual claiming tool is used by copyright owners who demonstrate a need for the tool and have advanced knowledge of Content ID. The tool gives copyright owners a way to manually claim videos not matched by Content ID.
  • Manual claims must have accurate timestamps so that creators know exactly what content is being claimed. Copyright owners can't use the manual claiming tool for any other purpose.
Copyright owners who repeatedly select inaccurate timestamps can have their manual claiming tool access revoked or, if applicable, have their partnership with YouTube terminated. If you believe that the timestamps claimed in your video are inaccurate, you can get in touch with our Creator Support team.

What can I do if my video has a manual claim?

Tools to Resolve Manual Content ID Claims - Copyright on YouTube

Depending on the situation, you have a few options if your video has a manual claim:

Leave it as is
If you believe that a claim is valid, you can do nothing and leave the claim on your video. You can also change your mind later.
Remove the claimed content

If you believe a claim is valid, you can remove the claimed content without having to upload a new video. If done successfully, any of these options will automatically remove the claim:

  • Trim out segment: You can edit out the claimed segment from your video.
  • Replace song: If the audio in your video is claimed, you may be able to replace your audio track with other audio from the YouTube Audio Library.
  • Mute song: If the audio in your video is claimed, you may be able to mute the claimed audio. You can choose whether to mute just the song or all audio in the video.
Share revenue
If you're in the YouTube Partner Programme and the music in your video is claimed, you may be able to share revenue with the music publisher.
Dispute the claim

If you believe that a claim is invalid, you can dispute the claim if you're confident that you have all the necessary rights to use the claimed content.

If you plan to dispute a claim and were monetising your video, make sure that you understand how monetisation works during disputes. Bear in mind that YouTube doesn't mediate copyright disputes.

If you dispute a claim without a valid reason, the copyright owner may request the removal of your video. If we get a valid copyright removal request for your video, your account will get a copyright strike.

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