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We're introducing a new beta that brings payment details to the Earn tab of the YouTube Studio mobile app. This beta gives eligible creators an easier way to understand how their earnings translate into payments. With this beta, you can view:
  • Your progress toward your next payment
  • Your payment history for the last 12 months including the date, amount paid, and a payment breakdown
Learn more in our forum post.

If you’re in the YouTube Partner Program, the Revenue tab in YouTube Analytics displays which content is earning the most money and which revenue sources are most profitable. Learn how to earn money on YouTube.

Tip: As our monetization sources evolve, you may see changes to the Revenue tab in YouTube Analytics, including more detailed revenue breakdowns. These breakdowns give multiformat creators the chance to deep dive on their revenue streams and optimize to grow their business. Read on for more info.

Note: It takes 2 days for revenue to show in YouTube Analytics.

View your revenue reports

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left menu, select Analytics .
  3. From the top menu, select Revenue.

How much you're earning

This report shows you how much your channel has earned in the last 6 months, broken down by month.

How much you're earning is subject to adjustments due to:

If your estimated income fluctuates, it may be because of these adjustments. These adjustments happen two times after earned revenue shows in YouTube Analytics:

  • The first adjustment happens after 1 week, giving a more complete estimate.
  • The second adjustment happens in the middle of the following month and reflects your overall earnings.

How you make money

This report gives a breakdown of how much estimated revenue has come from each revenue source. Examples of revenue sources include Watch Page Ads, Shorts Feed Ads, Memberships, Supers, Connected Stores, and Shopping Affiliates. You can select a source for a detailed revenue breakdown.

Content performance

This report shows how much your videos, Shorts, and live streams earned. The report also includes Revenue Per Mille (RPM).

This report also shows you which content earned the highest estimated revenue, split out by format types (videos, Shorts, live streams).

View your finalized earnings

About finalized earnings

  • Your finalized earnings are only visible in your AdSense for YouTube account.
  • Finalized earnings in AdSense for YouTube may be different from your estimated earnings in YouTube Analytics. For example, tax withholding may affect your finalized earnings, if any apply. Any taxes withheld will be visible in your AdSense for YouTube account.
  • Finalized earnings for the previous month are added to your account balance between the 7th and 12th of each month.

To view your finalized earnings in AdSense for YouTube:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense for YouTube account.
  2. On the left, select AdSense for YouTube.
  3. Your current balance for your YouTube earnings and your last payment amount shows. You can also access YouTube-specific resources.

Metrics to know

Watch Page ad revenue Estimated revenue from AdSense for YouTube, DoubleClick ads, and YouTube Premium for the selected date range and area. This number doesn't include revenue from any partner-sold ads.
Shorts Feed ad revenue Estimated revenue from Shorts Feed ads and YouTube Premium for the selected date range.
Memberships revenue Estimated revenue from memberships and gifted memberships for the selected date range.
Supers revenue Estimated revenue from Supers, such as Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks.
Shopping affiliate revenue Estimated revenue from products from other brands featured in your content.
Total sales Estimated sales earned from affiliate retailers.
Orders Estimated number of orders made from affiliate retailers.
Product clicks The total number of product clicks made by viewers on tagged products.
Top products Your products ranked by number of product clicks.
Top earning content Your products ranked by estimated revenue earned.
Product Tagging revenue Estimated revenue from the YouTube Shopping Fund for the selected date range.
YouTube Player for Education Estimated revenue from your content being viewed on educational technology platforms.
Estimated revenue (income) Your total estimated revenue (net income) from YouTube revenue sources for the selected date range and area.
Estimated revenue (affiliate) Commissions earned from previous sales not yet approved for payment. This amount is calculated by deducting returns from the pending commissions. The return window is typically 30 to 90 days long.
Approved commissions Commissions earned from previous sales and approved for payment.


Number of transactions from Supers for the selected date range and area.

Estimated monetized playbacks

A monetized playback is when a viewer views your video and is shown at least one ad impression. It can also show when the viewer quit watching during the pre-roll ad without ever reaching your video.


The number of legitimate views for your channels or videos.

Average view duration

Estimated average minutes watched per view for the selected video and date range.

Watch time (hours)

The amount of time viewers have spent watching your video.

How much advertisers pay Your revenue per 1,000 monetized playbacks where one or more ads show.
Earnings by ad type Revenue broken down by type of ad, such as skippable video ads, display ads, bumper ads, and non-skippable ads.
Membership levels Revenue broken down by level of membership, such as lightning tier, super fan, and VIP.
Total members Your revenue for total members and active members. Active members are calculated by subtracting canceled members from total members. Find a breakdown of total members including:
  • Members with recurring memberships
  • Members with gifted memberships (time-limited)
Where members join from Check which content brings the highest number of memberships, plus provide “members only” badges to channel members.
Reason for membership cancellation Get insight if enough viewers respond to the survey while canceling their memberships.
How Supers make money Revenue broken down by Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks.
Top products Which products you promoted got the most clicks.
Connected store impressions How many impressions there were on your connected store.

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