Learn why comments are turned off

You may see "Comments are turned off." Here’s why:

  1. You’ve selected the setting to "Disable comments".
  2. YouTube may have turned off comments on some content for safety reasons, like to protect minors or for other safety issues. Learn more about our Community Guidelines.
  3. Your channel or video’s audience is set as "made for kids." Learn more about this setting.
  4. Comments on automatically generated Art Tracks are turned off if the primary artist doesn't have an Official Artist Channel. Learn more about Art Tracks.
  5. You’ve shared a video in a Community post, and the video’s comments have been turned off either by the creator or YouTube. Learn more about Community posts.
Note: Comments will be permanently deleted 30 days from when a channel or video is set as "made for kids."

Comments turned off by creator in video’s or post’s settings

You can choose to turn on or turn off comments on a specific video or Community post in YouTube Studio. If you turn off comments on your video or post, viewers can't comment on your video or post. Learn how to choose your comment settings.

Comments turned off by YouTube

YouTube may have turned off comments on some content for safety reasons, like to protect minors and for other safety issues. This is not a result of your content violating our guidelines. Sometimes we may turn off comments on content, even if that content doesn't violate our guidelines. We do this to protect vulnerable creators or audiences.

Depending on the content, channel owners may be able to turn comments back on. We know that comments are important to creators and viewers alike, but we also take the safety of minors and other vulnerable groups and individuals seriously.

How can I turn comments back on for my content?

If comments on your video have only been temporarily turned off, updating your video’s comment settings will allow comments to appear on your video again.

If you re-enable comments and have minors in any of your videos, you should hold and carefully review all new comments. This lets you review comments before they're publicly posted to your videos.

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