Learn why comments are turned off

You may see “Comments are turned off” below a video that you’ve published or "Comments are disabled for this video" in Studio comment settings. This can happen for three different reasons:

  1. You've selected the setting to "Disable comments.”
  2. Comments on the video have been disabled by YouTube to protect minors.
  3. Your channel or video’s audience is set as made for kids. Learn more about setting your audience.

Note: Comments will be permanently deleted 30 days from when a channel or video is set as made for kids.

Comments disabled by creator in video’s settings

Note: If comments on your video are currently turned off in your video’s settings and you choose to re-enable comments, it's possible that the comments will still be disabled by YouTube to protect minors. We are currently working to fix how this appears in YouTube Studio.

You can choose to enable or turn off comments on a specific video in YouTube Studio. If you turn off comments on your video, viewers won’t be able to comment on your video.

Comments turned off by YouTube

Comments on your video may be turned off by YouTube to protect minors. Depending on the video, you may or may not be able to turn comments back on. We know that comments are important to creators and viewers alike, but we also take the safety of minors very seriously. This is not a result of your content violating our guidelines.

If comments on your video have only been temporarily turned off, updating your video’s comment settings will allow comments to appear on your video again.

If you do re-enable comments and have minors in any of your videos, you should hold and carefully review all new comments for approval before they're posted to your videos. To protect minors on YouTube, videos that include minors and are at risk of predatory comments may have comments turned off or receive limited or no ads (yellow icon).

How can I tell if I can turn comments back on for my video?

If you change your video’s settings to enable comments, and comments still do not appear on your video, this means that comments can’t be turned back on for your video until further notice.

You may see that comments are enabled in your video’s settings in YouTube Studio or Creator Studio, but still won’t see comments on your video. Comments for these videos can’t be re-enabled at this time. We are currently working to fix how this appears in YouTube Studio.

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