Translate your own channel name & description

Feature changes for customizing your channel

Translated channel sections and vertical section layout will be discontinued July 15, 2020. We’re also redesigning featured channels to increase visibility on mobile. These features were rarely used and we’re removing them to simplify your experience, as well as focus on bringing channel customization to YouTube Studio later this year. Learn more.

You can add translations for your channel name and description. This helps make your videos more accessible to fans outside of your home country/region so you can build a global audience.

Important: You can only make changes to your channel after you've set your language on YouTube to the original language you used for your translations. You'll see a notification if you try to make changes in a different language.

Also, when you update your channel name, it will not be shown in all languages unless you add it to the translation for each language. You can turn off channel translations if you want to be able to edit your channel in any language or update your channel name in all languages at once.

Translate channel name & description

In your Google Account
  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Select your profile picture and then Your Channel.
  3. Select Customize channel, then, next to your channel name, click Settings Settings and then Translating channel info.
  4. Click the box under Original language to set the channel’s language.
  5. Under Translate into, select or add the language you want to add your translated channel name to.
  6. Enter the translated channel name and click Save.
API submission

To access the API instructions, go to the Google Developers site and use the relevant localized properties.

Note: If you don't have access to this site, contact support to be added.

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