Channels with Verified Names

Verification badges help visually confirm the authenticity of a YouTube channel. When you find the badge on a channel for a popular celebrity or business, you can be sure that the channel actually belongs to them. The verification checkmark only appears to the right of the channel name, and "Verified" appears in a popup if you point your cursor at it.

How do I get a verified name for my channel?

We review a variety of factors in order to determine eligibility for name verification. If your channel qualifies, you will automatically receive a name verification badge on your Google+ page or profile over time. Name verification for Google+ is available to a wide range of businesses and organizations. To ensure your eligibility for verified checkmark, channels should:

  • Be connected with a Google+ page or profile
  • Your Google+ page or profile must be authorized by your commercial entity, organization, brand, or product.
  • If the channel is connected to a Google+ page, the page must contain a link to your organization’s website. This website must be verified (i.e. have a small checkmark next to the website URL), which the +page owner can do themselves by following these instructions.
  • Have a substantial number of subscribers.