YouTube Operations Guide

Content Owner Dashboard

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

Once you’ve been granted access to Content ID, will feature an interface that allows for effective management across all of your YouTube channels.


Think of the dashboard as a “Homepage” for your Content Manager. The dashboard features links to new product updates, important To Do items, and content delivery portals.

Video Manager

The Video Manager tab is your central location to manage your video content. Whether you’re looking to edit individual videos, apply changes to your entire video library, or just keep track of your content on YouTube, the Video Manager is the place to go. As a Content Owner, you have the ability to see every video from all channels that are under your Content Manager.


The Channels tab is where you can add (or remove) YouTube channels to your Content Manager page, as well as view any potential strikes against your connected channels.

Content ID

The Content ID tab is your hub for rights management tasks. This is where you can go to manage your assets, create reference files, and set policies that allow you to monetize, block, or track user uploads of your content. It’s a powerful tool that should be properly harnessed.


The Analytics tab allows you to view detailed insights about your video performance on YouTube. There’s a plethora of valuable reports available for your channels. As a Content Owner, you have access to the analytics for all of your channels.


The Reports tab provides links to download timely and accurate reports on your channels and videos. Available as CSVs that you can open in Excel, these reports give even more flexibility and power to analyze your performance.


The Settings tab is your hub for important settings changes. Here you can add or remove administrators, set email notification preferences, and link your AdSense account.

Content Delivery

The content delivery tab offers starting points for advanced content ingestion methods. This will be covered in-depth later.

  Pro Tips
  • In your Content Owner settings, you can specify notification e-mails. Make sure that the right person is receiving the right reports.
  • You can also specify domains to block within your Content Owner settings. Use this feature in your settings if you need to control which domains embed your videos.
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