Validate potentially invalid reference content

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

When a reference includes content that YouTube identifies as potentially invalid, the reference is sent to the YouTube content owner for review. The content owner needs to verify that he or she owns the content exclusively with sufficient rights or that it’s sufficiently distinct from other references and request re-evaluation or exclude that portion of the reference from consideration when making matches.

You have 30 days to review potentially invalid references. If you don't complete the review in that time, YouTube excludes the flagged portion of the reference.

To review potentially invalid reference content:

  1. From the To Dos section of the Content ID menu, select Invalid references.

    The Invalid references option appears only when you have references to review.

  2. Review the flagged portion of the reference.

    The bar above the video player shows information about the reference and the potentially invalid portion, including what percentage of the reference has been flagged. To view the flagged portion, click the Play segment button.

  3. Verify that you own the content in the flagged portion and that it’s sufficiently distinct from other references, or exclude the flagged portion from the reference.

    • If you own the flagged content exclusively and it follows the Content ID reference guidelines, click Request re-evaluation.
    • If the flagged portion features third-party material, such as public domain footage, short clips used under fair use principles, commercial breaks, or non-exclusive audio loops, click Exclude invalid segment.

Once the segment is confirmed as valid, pending claims based on the segment become valid. If you exclude the segment, any claims based on the segment are released.

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