Route claims for manual review

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

Since YouTube’s Content ID system claims user-uploaded videos automatically, without human intervention, you have the option to require a manual review before the claim becomes active.

To require a manual review, you create a match policy that specifies the conditions under which you want to review the claim. For example, you might want someone to verify a claim on a video that Content ID identifies as matching your asset for less than 50% of its running time.

Condition Action
(1) If the amount of the user’s video that matches my asset is more than 50% Monetize the video
(2) If the amount of the user’s video that matches is less than 50% Monetize the video and route the claim for review

When Content ID identifies a match, it provisionally claims the video and associates the match policy with it. If the applicable matching condition specifies to route the claim for review, the claim appears in your list of To Do items. The claim is in place but remains inactive until you review the claim.

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