Change video information & settings

You can make changes to your video using the video's Info and Settings page. You can change everything from your video title to whether or not you want people to be able to comment on your video.

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Creator Studio Classic

  1. Go to your channel's Video Manager. You'll see a list of your uploaded videos.
  2. Find the video you want to edit, then click Edit under the video title.
  3. On the Info and Settings page, you'll see three tabs, depending on your account type:
    • Basic info:  Change video title, description, tags, category, privacy. Note: You can use most characters to fill in the information in video fields (like title or description), except angle brackets.
    • Monetization: See the options for monetizing your video. Learn more about monetizing your content.
    • Advanced settings: Change comments permissions, subscriber notification preferences, license, caption, recording date, and 3D video options. You can also select a video category, such as Gaming, Comedy, or Sports, among many others.
If you want to note that the video is about a specific game, you can select the "Gaming" category and add the title in the video's advanced settings. 

YouTube Studio beta

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio beta. If you haven't tried the beta, learn more.
  2. You can quickly change a video's name and description by hovering over the video and clicking on the pencil icon next to the video's name.
  3. You can also change the video's privacy by hovering over the video and clicking on the pencil icon under Visibility.
  4. You can turn monetization on or off by hovering over the video and clicking on the pencil icon under Monetization. Note that in order to do this, you need to have monetization enabled for your account already.
Learn more about YouTube Studio beta, the new home for everything creators care about.
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