Organize and manage subscriptions with collections

On 5/26/15, we'll discontinue Collections, as we'll focus on other efforts to make your subscriptions more enjoyable.

A collection is a group of subscriptions you can create to help you organize and view content from the channels you’re subscribed to. Collections can be created by themes (like ‘basketball’ or ‘music’). 

Create and manage collection

To make a brand new collection or edit an existing one, visit your Subscription Manager, which you can navigate to by clicking Manage subscriptions from the left side of your YouTube page.

Here’s how to create a new collection:

  1. Visit your Subscription Manager.
  2. Click the Create new collection button.
  3. Name your collection and select the channels you’d like to include in your collection. You can add the same channel to different collections.
    1. To remove a channel, click it again
  4. Click Save when you’re done adding channels.

Find and access your collections

Once you’ve created a collection, you can easily access it on the left side of your YouTube page (The Guide), under “Subscriptions”.
Clicking your collection will populate your feed with only items from the subscriptions in that collection.
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