Manage your channel icon

Your channel icon shows over your channel art banner. It's the icon that displays to other users for your videos and channel on YouTube watch pages.

The default icon for your channel is the image associated with your Google Account. You can see this image in the top right corner of the page when you're logged into YouTube and other Google services. If you want to change this image, you can modify it in your Google Account settings.

Channel icon specs

Use these recommended guidelines when creating a new channel icon. Do not upload pictures containing celebrities, nudity, artwork, or copyrighted images since this violates our Community Guidelines.

  • JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file (no animated GIFs)
  • 800 X 800 px image (recommended)
  • Square or round image that renders at 98 X 98 px

Edit & update channel icon

You can choose to upload a new image, use a still frame from one of your uploaded videos, or use your default image.

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  1. Open the YouTube app and sign in.
  2. Tap the account icon .
  3. Tap your channel icon.
  4. On your channel art banner, tap the camera icon .
  5. Select Choose from your photos. You'll be taken to your device's photo library to select an image.
  6. After you select an image, crop it and tap Save

Channel icon display on different devices


The channel icon appears as a square image in the upper left corner of the channel art.

Mobile devices

The channel icon can look different depending on your device.

It can appear as a rounded image in the bottom corner of the channel art.


It can also appear as a square image below the channel art.

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