Watch & interact with vertical live streams on the YouTube app

While you’re browsing live streams or Shorts on the YouTube app, you may find live streams in a vertical format, meaning they’re filmed more tall than wide. When you find one of these live streams, you can tap it to enter the vertical live feed. In the feed you can:

  • Watch the live stream full screen.
  • Interact with the live stream, including chatting or buying channel memberships. 
  • Continue swiping to find even more vertical live streams. 

You can also enter the vertical live feed by tapping Pause on a Short, and tapping the Live button.

Scheduled live streams and Premieres won’t show up in the vertical live feed.

Note: The vertical live feed is only available on the YouTube app and not currently available on tablets.

Chat in vertical live streams

If live chat is turned on, you can use the text box at the bottom of the live stream to chat and send reactions.

If you want to turn off chat, tap the menu  at the top right of the video, then turn off Live Chat.

Buy channel memberships

To buy a channel membership:

  1. Tap the dollar sign  within a live chat.
  2. Tap Memberships.
  3. Tap Join.
Note: Buying channel memberships in the vertical live feed isn’t currently available on iPhones, only Android phones.

Buy a Super Sticker or Super Chat

To buy a Super Sticker or Super Chat:

  1. Tap the dollar sign  within a live chat.
  2. Select one of the following:
    1. Super Sticker and then find a sticker pack you like and then choose an individual sticker to purchase.
    2. Super Chat and then to select an amount, either drag the slider or type your desired value and then add an optional message.
  3. Tap Buy and Send.

Explore more options

Tap the menu  at the top right of the video to see more options for interacting with the live stream, including:

  • Like or dislike
  • Share 
  • Turn on chat filters
  • Don’t recommend this channel
  • Report this channel
  • Help and feedback

You can also tap Shopping  to browse and buy featured products

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