Crisis resource panels

YouTube’s crisis resource panels let you connect with live support from recognized crisis service partners. The panels may surface:
  • When you watch videos on certain topics such as suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders.
  • In your search results, when you search for topics related to certain health crises or emotional distress.

If you want to learn more, the crisis resource panel also links you to the partner’s website. We want to give you info that’s helpful and timely, so you can’t dismiss the crisis resource panel right now.

Crisis resource panels may not be available in all countries/regions and languages. We're working to bring crisis resource panels to more countries/regions.

When you search for certain topics such as suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders, you’ll also go to a pause page before you get your search results. The pause page offers options for how to proceed, including connecting you to one of our crisis resource partners.

Get help for you or someone else

If you are in a suicidal crisis or emotional distress, you can use the info below to get help:

If you believe someone else is in danger of suicide, you can:

  • Get in touch with your local law enforcement for immediate help. Make sure you have their contact details to share with local law enforcement.
  • Use the info above to talk to someone about what's going on and how you can help them.
  • Encourage them to get in touch with a suicide prevention hotline using the info above.

Where the info comes from

Info in the Crisis Resource Panels come from recognized crisis service partners. Partnerships vary by country/region.

When to consult a healthcare professional

Health-related info on YouTube doesn’t apply to everyone and isn’t medical advice. If you have a medical concern, make sure to get in touch with a healthcare provider. If you think you may have a medical emergency, contact your local emergency number.

Info YouTube stores about your search & watch history

Crisis resource panels only surface if:

  • The current video is related to suicide or self-harm, or
  • Your search term is related to certain health crises or emotional distress.

These panels are not triggered based on your watch and search history. But, you can find and remove your history, by reviewing your data in YouTube. Learn how to view and delete your search history or view, pause, and clear your watch history. You can also browse YouTube while incognito.

Report incorrect info

If there are issues with the crisis resource info on YouTube, or you have a suggestion, you can:

  • Submit feedback via More More in the crisis resource panel, or
  • Send us feedback using the Menu from your profile picture.

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