Browse YouTube while incognito on iOS and Android

When logged into the YouTube app, you can now turn on Incognito to browse in a session that will not be influenced by or reflected in your signed-in search and watch history.

Go Incognito on Android! 😎| Pro Tips from YouTube Help

How to browse incognito

To browse incognito, go to the Account icon in the top right of the screen and tap “Turn on Incognito.” This is available only to signed in users. Since Incognito Mode behaves as if you're signed out, you can either be signed in or browse in Incognito.

As you browse, a persistent reminder will appear as a black bar at the bottom of the screen to remind you that you are Incognito.

What happens while browsing incognito

While incognito, the YouTube app behaves as if you aren’t signed into your account. This means that your YouTube experience won’t be influenced by any of your signed-in activity, such as videos watched, searches or subscriptions.

When you turn off Incognito, your search and watch history is cleared. You’ll return to the last account you used before turning on Incognito, and none of your Incognito session activity will be reflected on your account.

If you’re inactive for more than 90 minutes, your Incognito session will end, and you’ll be returned to the last account you used. The next time you open YouTube, you’ll see a message letting you know that you’re no longer Incognito.

Everything you do while in Incognito mode is private, so when you attempt to take a public action, like commenting, subscribing or liking, you'll be prompted to turn off Incognito to complete that action using the account last used.

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