Categories of claims

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

A claim is an application of a policy (monetize, block, track) to either a reference file or a user-uploaded video. By claiming content, you are indicating that you own exclusive rights to distribute that content online in the country (or countries) where the policy applies.

You can filter claims by:

  • Active claims – All active claims associated with your Content Manager account.

  • Potential claims – Possible claims, short matches and claims routed for review because of a partner' provided policy.

  • Disputed claims – Claims that have been protested by the users who uploaded the claimed content. YouTube will not enforce a disputed claim until you have reviewed it.

  • Appealed claims – Claims that the user is appealing after you reinstated the claim upon dispute.

  • Takedown claims – Claimed videos that have been taken down pursuant to a takedown order.

  • Inactive claims – Claims that have become inactive. For example, if a user deletes a video you have claimed, the claim becomes inactive.

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