What are the different types of claims listed on the "Claims" tab?

A claim is an application of a policy (monetize, block, track) to either a reference file or a user-uploaded video. By claiming content, you are indicating that you own exclusive rights to distribute that content online in the country (or countries) where the policy applies.

Content Manager's advanced list can include the following lists of claims::

  • The Active claims list is the default view for the Claims tab and shows all active claims associated with your Content Manager account.

  • The Disputed claims list identifies claims that have been protested by the users who uploaded the claimed content. YouTube will not enforce a disputed claim until you have reviewed it.

  • The Released claims list identifies claims that are no longer being enforced. For example, if you confirmed that the content in a disputed claim did not actually match your content, the disputed claim would become a released claim.

  • The Inactive claims list identifies claims that have become inactive. For example, you may have made a claim on another user's video, but if the user deleted their upload, the claim on that video would be inactive.