Remove my contact information due to “doxxing” from Google Search

We understand it can be distressing when your contact information is shared in a malicious way, including threatening language, calls to engage in harassing behavior. This is often referred to as “doxxing.” In such cases, we may take action to remove such material from search.

We will review your request, examining at least the following for the submitted URLs:

  1. Presence of contact information, and
  2. Presence of
    • Explicit or implicit threats, or 
    • Explicit or implicit calls to action for others to harm or harass

Please note that we will not take action under this policy on ordinary uses of contact information, such as online directories, business and real estate records, government documents, etc.

We also generally aim to preserve information access if content is determined to be of public interest. Public interest content includes content pertaining to:

  • Professional contact information shared in the context of allegations of professional wrongdoing such as fraud, scams, etc.
  • Government records
  • Criminal conduct
  • Other public interest content pertaining to topics such as active civic participation and public officials

If submitted URLs are found to be within the scope of our policy, they will be removed only from search results in which the query includes the complainant’s name, or other provided identifiers, such as aliases, social media handles, etc.

Request removal of contact information

Please use this form in order to request that this type of content be removed from Google search results. You may also have an authorized representative complete the form on your behalf, who must explain how they are authorized to do so in the request. 

Bear in mind that removing a page from Google Search does not have any effect on the hosting website; the page will continue to be available and may be accessible through other search engines. We recommend reaching out to the webmaster controlling the content.
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