1. What's new in Image Search
    March 23, 2020
    Find relevant websites quickly with image badges You can identify the type of content on the webpage an image is from by its badge. When you search for images on Google, some have badges, like for products, for recipes, and for videos. These badges tell you what kind of content to expect from the webpage that the image is from. For example, if you want to find a red velvet cupcake recipe: Search "red velvet cupcake." Find an image with the recipe badge . Select the link under the image. Find image dimensions You can find image dimensions when you search for an image on a computer browser. Select an image in your search results. In the right panel, hover over the expanded view of the image. Tip: On your computer, you can filter your image search results by size. After you search for an image, under the search bar, click Tools  Size. Narrow your image search with filters You can find specific images with the filters above image search results. If you're not sure what to search for, start with a broad image search and add filters to narrow your results. Filters display words related to your search terms based on popular searches. When you select one or more filters, you'll get image results that match your search terms and all selected filters. To remove a filter, just select it again. Tip: To help you identify unfamiliar words on filters, many filters have thumbnail images. Important: This feature isn’t available in all countries or languages. Related resources Get information about an image Find free-to-use images
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  2. What's new in Google Search
    December 11, 2019
    Practice your pronunciation In Google Search, when you ask a question about the pronunciation, definition, or translation of a word, you might find a result that helps you hear and practice pronunciation. For example, you can search for “how to pronounce entrepreneur” and you’ll see the option to practice saying “Entrepreneur.” When you encounter the Listen  icon, you can select it to hear the pronunciation of a word in the English dictionary. You can switch between American and British at the top of the pronunciation result. If you want to practice and get feedback on your pronunciation of a word, select Practice , then say the word. If your pronunciation does not match what’s provided, you’ll get tips to help you match it.  You can use Practice  to help you pronounce a word in a way that’s widely understood by most English speakers, even when pronunciations vary by accent. Pronunciation practice is only available on Android devices. It’s not available for all languages and accents, and it’s not available for words that are derogatory or offensive. Find image examples in Dictionary & Translate results When you look up the definition or translation of some words in Google Search, you’ll find related images that can help you choose among results, especially when a word has several meanings. For example, if you search for “the definition of seal,” you’ll see images of valve seals under one definition and images of the aquatic mammal under another. You’ll find Dictionary and Translate results with images that you can review for additional visual context. When you find an image that matches what you’re looking for, you can choose the most accurate result.  For now, images are only provided for some nouns in the English dictionary, but we plan to expand this feature with future improvements.
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  3. What’s new in Image Search
    October 28, 2019
    Side panel on desktop We’ve overhauled Google Images on desktop to make it easier to decide on a visual idea and take the next step toward making it happen. Now when you tap an image you want to learn more about, it appears in a side panel next to a full page of image results, and stays there as you scroll. This lets you keep track of an image you like while you compare and explore more results. Do this as many times as you want without losing track of what you looked at; each tap of the back button takes you to the last image you selected, in order.  Product images on desktop We’re also bringing more useful information to product images on desktop, such as product availability. This helps make sure you’re as informed as possible when you’re shopping or just browsing. Plus, we’ve added captions to the related images in the image viewer so you know where you’re going before you click. Visit the new Google Images to try it out!
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