Change your Google app settings

You can change your settings for the Google app, including settings for voice search, past searches, SafeSearch, and notifications. Available settings can vary by device and app version.

Open the settings menu

  1. Open the Google app Google Search.
  2. Tap More 더보기 and then Settings and then Search Search.
  3. Search for a setting.

Settings you can change

  • Autocomplete with trending searches: Choose whether you want to see trending searches when using the Google app.
  • Google Translate: When you turn on Google Translate, the Google app will offer to translate pages written in other languages using Google Translate.
  • Discover: Get stories related to your interests in the Google app.
  • Search settings: You can change settings like SafeSearch, private results, region, and language. Learn more:
    • SafeSearch: You can change your settings to block most adult content from your search results by using SafeSearch. Learn more about SafeSearch.
    • Private results: You can see private results from other products you use, like Gmail and Google Calendar. For example, you can search for information about your upcoming flights or restaurant reservation.
    • Region for Search Results: Choose a region for search results.
    • Language for Search Results: Choose a language for search results.
  • Autoplay video previews: Videos could start playing automatically without sound. You can turn these autoplay video previews on or off. You can also change when they'll play, like on Wi-Fi or mobile.
  • Theme: Choose between a light and dark theme for the Google app, or match your system's default theme.
  • Siri Shortcuts: Quickly access your favorite Google features, like Search, when you say "Search with Google" or "Translate with Lens."
  • Default apps: Choose which apps to use when opening search results.

You can change your notifications for weather, topics you follow, flight updates, and more. Next to a notification, turn the setting off.


Change the settings used when you search or complete an action using your voice.

  • Language: The language you pick here works with any voice searches you do. If you want, this can be different from your device's display language.
  • Spoken results: Choose whether answers are spoken back to you when you do a search.
  • Voice search on Bluetooth devices: If this setting is on, you can do voice searches or actions using a Bluetooth headset, when one is connected.
  • "Ok Google" hotword: Decide whether saying "Ok Google" will trigger a voice search from anywhere in the app. The "Ok Google" setting is available only on iPhone 4s+ and iPad 2+ devices.
Privacy and security


On your iPhone or iPad, the Google app doesn’t update your Location History. Learn how to manage your Location History in the Google Maps timeline.


  • App history: Searches you do while using the Google app will be saved in your history on the device you're using. You can delete any searches done on the Google app for the device you’re using. This won’t clear searches you’ve done on other devices or computers.
  • Gboard search history: Includes searches made from your keyboard. Tap Clear to remove your Gboard search history.
  • iMessage search history: Includes searches made with the iMessage extension. Tap Clear to remove iMessage search history.
  • Cookies: Delete your cookies for the Google app on the device you're using. This won’t clear cookies on other apps or mobile browsers, like Chrome or Safari.

Google Usage ID

A unique ID is sent with info about your Google Product usage to help improve Google Services for everyone. This ID isn't associated with your Google Account and won't be used to identify you. Tap Reset Google Usage ID.

Enable Face ID for Incognito mode

Use Face ID to confirm it's you when returning to an incognito session after 15 minutes.

Diagnostic data

To help us improve our products and services for everyone, you can let the Google app send us information about how you use it and how it’s working.

For example, the Google app can send info like:

  • Data from Google app crashes or other problems
  • What other apps you have on your device
  • Quality and length of your network connections (like mobile, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth)

If you have additional Web & App Activity turned on, this info will be stored with your account. You can see and delete it in My Activity. All info is used in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy.

Add the Google app to your dock

To easily open the Google app later, add it to your dock:

  1. Make space by touching and holding an app on the dock.
  2. Drag the app up, and release it on your homescreen.
  3. Touch and hold the Google app Google app.
  4. Drag the Google app down, and release it on your dock.
  5. Press the Home button.
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