Make international calls with Google Voice

You can call other countries using Google Voice.

International calling rates

  • Inside the U.S.: If you have a U.S. phone number and call an international phone number, you'll be charged international rates.
  • Outside the U.S.: International calls use minutes from your mobile phone plan, and your cell phone company might charge you extra roaming fees if you are making a call from outside of the U.S.
    Tip: To make calls from outside the U.S. without using roaming service, you can use Wi-Fi with classic Hangouts.

Confirm your international call is using Google Voice

On your mobile phone

When starting your international call, you’ll hear a message from Google Voice. The message will say how much the call costs or that the call is being routed through Google Voice.

Warning: If you don’t hear the message, the call is not being routed by Google Voice and you may be charged by your mobile carrier for dialing internationally.

Using classic Hangouts

When starting your international call, you’ll see that the call is being placed from your Google Voice number and the international rate for the country you’re calling.

Warning: If you’re not using classic Hangouts, or classic Hangouts isn’t calling from your Google Voice number, the call is not being routed through Google Voice.

Fix problems making international calls

You might have trouble making an international call because another app is conflicting with Google Voice or because of a problem with your phone.

If your international call isn’t being routed by Google:

  • Check that Google Voice is open on your computer or mobile device
  • Restart Google Voice
  • Check your Google Voice call settings
  • Check that you have enough calling credit
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