Make calls with Android

First, download the Google Voice Android app.

Once downloaded, make sure Google Voice is set up correctly on your phone.  During set-up, select the option that enables you to dial directly from the phone.

Make a call:

  1. Call a contact just as you would without Google Voice.
  2. If you’ve configured Google Voice to ask whether you want to use it each time you place a call, click Call with Google Voice. If you’ve configured Google Voice to use it for all calls, this message doesn’t appear.

If you're placing a toll call, you'll hear a message from Google Voice that tells you what the cost per minute is for the call and how many minutes of talk time you have left in your Google Voice account based on this rate.

All calls will be routed through a Google Voice access number, and depending on your version of Android and device, you may see that number displayed at the top of the screen. The access number is a U.S. number. If you’re traveling to another country, you may be charged international calling rates by your cellphone provider. If the access number’s area code isn’t the same as your area code, you may be charged long distance rates. Callers will be charged for the call based on their cellphone plan.

You can only make calls using the Google Voice app on your Android device through your cellular network. If you want to make calls using a WiFi connection, try making calls with your Google Voice number through the Hangouts app on your Android device.

Check the credit balance in your Google Voice account:

  1. Go to Menu.
  2. Select Balance.

For all calls that aren’t free, you should hear a message telling you how much the call will cost. If you don't hear the message, your call is not going through Google Voice and your call may be subject to your carrier's rates.

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