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Voicemail transcriptions

When you get a voicemail, our system will transcribe it into text that you can read in your Google Voice inbox.

The quality of the transcripts will vary depending on the caller, the background noise, and whether the caller is using a microphone. Also, the quality will improve over time as our transcription system gets smarter.

There are times when the transcription system isn't confident enough to transcribe a voicemail. For example, a voicemail might not be transcribed if our system detects that the voicemail isn't in English or that there's background noise. In these cases, Google Voice will display "Transcript not available."

Disable voicemail transcriptions

  1. Go to Google Voice.
  2. Click the gear icon gear icon at the top-right the page.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Deselect the 'Transcribe Voicemails' option in the Voicemail tab.
  5. Click Save Changes.

If you use Google Voice's voicemail transcription service, Google may transcribe voicemail messages into text and email and/or SMS the resulting text to the email account or phone number(s) designated in your user settings. Google's computers process the information in your messages for various purposes, including formatting and displaying the information to you, delivering related links, backing up your messages, and other purposes relating to offering you Google Voice.

Help improve voicemail transcriptions

To help Google improve the quality of your voicemail transcriptions, you can allow Google systems to analyze your voicemails. With your permission, our automated systems will remove your account information from your saved and future voicemail messages and analyze them to improve our language technology. People won't listen to your messages, and your account information won’t be shown. You can opt out at any time, and we'll stop using your messages.

If you change your mind, you can opt out of automated voicemail analysis at any time:

  1. Go to Google Voice.
  2. Click the gear icon  gear icon  at the top-right of the page.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Uncheck the box next to “Allow automated Google systems to analyze your voicemails to improve transcriptions.”

Send individual voicemails to improve transcriptions

To help improve the quality of your voicemail transcriptions, you can also donate individual voicemails and let Google to analyze them. If your voicemail was transcribed incorrectly or there was no transcription at all, you may want to send it because the voicemails will be listened to, manually transcribed and used to improve our transcribing service. They will only be used for this purpose.

Choose which voicemail to send

  1. Go to your Google Voice account.
  2. Click Voicemails on the left side of the page.
  3. Go to the voicemail that you want to donate. You may want to donate it because it was transcribed incorrectly or there was no transcription at all.
  4. Click inside the transcription box.
  5. Below the transcription box, you’ll see a checkbox with “Donate this voicemail.” Click the checkbox.




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