About Google Voice account types

You could have signed up for Google Voice using a personal account or an account from your work or school. Or your organization could have given you a Google Voice for G Suite account they manage and pay for. Here's how you can verify the type of account you have.

Check if you have a managed Voice for G Suite account

  1. On your computer, open Voice.
  2. In the top right, click Settings Settings.
  3. Under Account, look for the text, "This account is managed by your G Suite administrator."
    • If this message appears, you have a Google Voice for G Suite account and your organization handles your billing.
    • If this message does not appear, you have either a personal account or a work or school account that's not managed by your organization.

Note: If you signed up for a Google Voice account before the availability of Google Voice for G Suite, you may have the legacy unmanaged Google Voice service linked to your G Suite account.

Features you have depend on your account

The features available to you depend on the type of Voice account you have. For example, if you have a Voice for G Suite account:

  • Your G Suite administrator manages your account. Who is my administrator?
  • Your calls are billed centrally to your organization.
  • You get integrations with other G Suite services, such as Google Calendar and Meet.
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